Google AdWords PPC Training in Hyderabad

What is Google AdWords?

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Google AdWords is a paid advertising network of Google. When you search anything on Google, Ads that appear on the top are Google Sponsored Ads. PPCCLASSES.COM offers basic to advanced Google AdWords PPC Training in Hyderabad.

With the help of Google AdWords you can show:

  • Text Ads on Google Search Engine
  • Image/Banner Ads in Websites
  • Video Ads in Youtube
  • Ads in GMail
  • Ads in Mobile Apps

Google AdWords PPC Training in Hyderabad

Course Highlights:

  • Basic & Advanced training on Google AdWords.
  • 2 months course duration.
  • Training on live campaigns.
  • Training with advanced optimization techniques.
  • Become Google AdWords Certified Professional.
  • Classroom & online training.

 Who This Course Is For?

  • Fresh graduates/under graduates seeking career into Digital Marketing.
  • Working professionals who want to further enhance their skills.
  • Online marketers, entrepreneurs who want to use digital marketing to grow their business.
  • Working women/house wives who want to be independent and earn some extra income

Why Join Us?

  • Get trained by expert faculty who has many years experience in this field
  • Trainer has managed hundreds of AdWords clients and worked with Top MNC’s.
  • You will get opportunity to work on live campaigns.
  • You will be given taken step by step from a novice beginner to a professional master
  • Assistance will be provided in clearing certification examinations
  • We will not just give you a few interview questions to prepare for like other institutes but we will actually guide and help you be prepared to confidently face the interviews
  • Email support will be provided even after course has finished so that you can ask the trainer any questions you have related to the course

Course Outcome : We will do our best to prepare our students to:

  • Successfully implement online advertising campaigns for any business
  • Develop strategies for digital marketing
  • Master keyword research and targeting
  • Launch different kinds of campaigns for different businesses based on their requirements, objectives and budgets
  • Become fully proficient with the Adwords interface and various tools at your disposal
  • Optimize campaigns so that they can perform efficiently and produce profitable results for clients
  • Fine-tune campaigns so that the ROI is maximized

A special skill that we give to our students

As you can see our aim is not just to teach you how to technically set up an Adwords campaign as that can be learned by anyone in a few days or even a few hours. The trick is in optimizing the campaigns so that we can get good results for our business or for our clients’ businesses.

The skills of optimization and fine-tuning are usually learned after many hours of hard work, trial and error. You can shorten the learning curve considerably by learning from an experienced person who has set-up and managed campaigns for dozens and dozens of clients in various sectors.